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Bones fic: Guardian
Title: Guardian
Characters: Brennan, Booth
Rating: K
Word count: 200
Notes: This is a double drabble (200 word story) that takes place after the last scene of Season 2, Episode 9 (Aliens in a Spaceship). (BB friendship.)
Spoilers: Up to Season 2, Episode 9 (Aliens in a Spaceship)

"Why don't we pick up some soup from the diner and take it back to your place?" Great idea, idiot. Soup makes everything better -- even the experience of being buried alive for 12 hours.

"I'm not really hungry. I just want to go home," she said, looking at him with eyes so blue and so honest and so damned alive that he couldn’t resist sending up one final prayer. Thank you.

He drove her home and insisted on escorting her inside. "I could stay over tonight... Take the couch..."

"Booth, thank you, but I'm fine."

"You sure?"


"Bones," he said, shoving his hands into his pockets. "I'm glad you're ok."

"I know. Good night, Booth."

"Good night, Bones. Lock the door behind me."

She rolled her eyes and shook her head, shoving him toward the door.

Booth believed -- in his squints, in God, and in Bones. But tonight he wasn’t willing to push his luck. So instead of driving home, he locked the car doors and moved his seat back several inches. His eyes flicked to Bones' living room window, where a light still blazed.

A sip of stale coffee and he was ready for an all-nighter.

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I welcome any kind of feedback, positive or negative.

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I think exactly what Booth would have done. Nicely captured.

I love protective Booth. (Who doesn't?) *grin*

Thanks for reading and commenting.

Thanks! Glad you thought it was sweet. :)

I agree - very in character for him. Well done!!

I love how determined he is to look out for her -- even when she thinks she doesn't need it. :)

Thanks for commenting!

I really like your second to last line. "Booth believed--" it sums him up nicely and I would so expect him to camp out outside Bones' apt after that :)

Thank you, Jodie. I'm glad that sentence -- and the ficlet -- rang "true" for you. :)

That's so perfect. I 'Awww'ed cos I wish I had a Booth of my very own but it wasn't just sweet - I could see him doing that.

I wish I had a Booth of my very own

:D Don't we all?

I could see him doing that.

Thank you so much for saying that. Seriously. I breathe a sigh of relief whenever someone says that about any fanfic I've written. I'm glad it read "true" to you.

Booth is always looking out for Brennan -- even if she's sometimes too stubborn to accept his help. I honestly think there's nothing he wouldn't do for her. One day, she'll figure that out. :)

Excellent. I particularly love the reminder that Booth knows good and well that the Gravedigger is still out there and isn't about to leave her unguarded.

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